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Health and Safety.

Risk Assessment

This Risk Assessment training course will make you aware of the need for risk assessments in the workplace and the essential steps in carrying out an effective risk assessment.


Personal Protective Equipment should be a last resort for preventing hazards at work. However, it's crucial to wear comfortable, correctly fitted and in good condition PPE if needed. If your work requires the use of PPE, this course will help you understand the key concerns.

working at heights - Fall protection

It highlights the risks of working at height and practical ways to prevent falls from height.

OSH Introduction

It aims to provide employees with sufficient information to enable them to protect themselves, others and the environment from harm.

OSH management

Risk Communication

The course provides students with knowledge of the principles and practice of risk communication focusing on the areas of environment and health.

Safety in construction

This course provides workers in the construction industry with important information on how to work safely at all times

Safety Signage

The Safety Signs training course explains the different types of safety signs and symbols and how and where health & safety signs should be used to ensure they are most effective.


How directors and boards can lead effective health and safety performance.

slips, trips and falls

Understand what causes slips and trips and how to prevent them


FIre Safety

It aims to ensure that all employees know how to prevent fires in the workplace and what actions to take in the event of a fire. 

emergency evacuation

This course explains why evacuations happen, what happens during an emergency, and one's responsibilities during evacuation.

Electrical safety

How to assess electrical hazards and put the right controls in place.


 This training is going to provide you with valuable information and techniques you can use to avoid the kinds of painful injuries that can occur due to work in industrial settings.

chemical safety

This course is for anyone either directly working with hazardous chemicals or who is responsible for persons working with hazardous chemicals.

Heavy Equipment and vehicle safety

This course provides safety awareness training for heavy equipment and vehicle workers in construction work zones.

Weather conditions in construction

Biological factors and health

Noise and vibrations

First Aid

Learn first aid to save lives and reduce adverse effects of injuries or illnesses.


Hand tools safety

Hand Tool Safety will cover the proper safety measures for both hand tools and power tools. This will educate workers and create health and safety awareness while working with hand tools

confined spaces

A confined space is one which is both enclosed or largely enclosed and has a reasonably foreseeable specified risk to workers.

lifting and construction machinery

This course highlights the safe working principles and controls required to reduce the chances of accidents occurring as a result of lifting operations.

ATEX Explosion Protection

This ATEX Training Course is suitable for personnel who need awareness and understanding of legislation for safe equipment use in explosive atmospheres.


LO-TO (Lock out-Tag out)

This LOTO training course teaches safe lockout/tagout operations. It allows staff to work safely by disabling machinery to prevent injury or death.

Forklift operation

This course teaches the safe handling of forklift and pallet trucks to prevent harm to learners and colleagues.

Workplace Safety Culture

This course teaches employees to identify hazards and risky behavior for safer cultivation and promote a healthy culture.