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Nextera LMS Platform

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In the current state of the world, where many aspects of life have changed and created an uncertain environment, there is a need for us to adapt and make necessary changes to ensure safety and continued growth. One of the primary concerns of many businesses is the learning and training of their employees. As such, it is essential to keep the safety training going, even if it cannot happen with physical interactions.

Here at our company, we understand that learning should never stop, especially if it is related to safety. That is why we provide access to expert faculty, best practices, and various other online learning resources to cater to the specific needs of different industries. Our online learning platform has a vast library of interactive learning and training materials that have been tailor-made to provide in-depth safety, maintenance, and HR training for employees. Through our platform, employees can now work safer, smarter, and more competitively.

We also offer the flexibility of customizing our platform to suit the unique needs of our customers, including white labeling. Additionally, we are ready to incorporate any form of training material that a customer may have, to make the experience as immersive and informative as possible.

Nextera LMS Platform

LMS Features.


Assessment, Degree & Certification Programs

Solutions are designed to help organizations measure and make improvements to ensure the success of employees and learners. Optimize your career development investments to improve retention, support strategy, build your brand, and help employees succeed.


Induction Training

Provide new employees with everything they need to quickly dive into the company's product, services, processes, and corporate culture. Upload all induction training materials to your online portal and monitor the results of new hires as they develop their skills. 


Compliance Training

Nextera makes compliance training less of a headache. All you need to do is to upload training materials to your online portal. The system automatically informs employees that they have a compliance course to complete and then generates training reports.

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Custom Content & Curriculum Development

Personalized, instructional sound content and curriculum for any learning environment. Professional development and training resources tailored to your organization's needs.


Micro learning

Deliver your online training program in bite-sized pieces to engage employees and help them grow faster. With Nextera, you can arrange micro-courses into learning paths, so employees can see how to reach a new skill level a step at a time.


Mobile Learning

Digital technology allows employees to access training materials from anywhere. This provides flexibility and customization, as well as the ability to learn at their own pace. Employees can use their preferred devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, to take advantage of training opportunities.


360 Training Modules

With 360 training, employees can explore a virtual environment in all directions, allowing them to identify safety hazards that may not be immediately obvious from a single perspective. Our 360 training modules cover a wide range of scenarios, from construction sites to manufacturing plants.


Product Training

Keep all your employees informed about the latest updates and practices. Easily deliver and update all product information and material on your Nextera portal. Employees can easily access the training whenever their schedule allows.

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We have you covered

Nextera is a premier company that delivers top-notch online training solutions for individuals and businesses. We take pride in providing safe and healthy work environments by equipping our clients with practical knowledge and skills. Our training programs are meticulously-crafted by expert instructors who possess extensive industry experience, ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and engaging training possible. Our vision is to be the leading provider of online training, delivering exceptional value to our clients in terms of unbeatable quality, unparalleled customer service, and an unwavering commitment to their success. At Nextera, we firmly believe that well-trained workers are happier, more productive, and more financially secure, which is why we make sure that our training materials are informative, interactive, and engaging. Trust us to keep you and your team ahead of the curve!